Harriet Clare

Harriet Clare,   Fagus II (Beech),  2013

Harriet Clare,  Fagus II (Beech), 2013

Harriet Clare,  Liquidambar styracilua, 2012

Harriet Clare, Tilia II (Lime), 2013

Harriet Clare, Larix pinaceae (Larch), 2012


Artist Statement

In this continuation of her 'Woebegone 'series, Clare turns the kaleidoscope further on her winter fantasy,  reconfiguring nature in response to her physical and emotional environment.

Captured during their transitional undressing, wintery branches delicately frame the cloudy negative space; drawing the viewer into the fragility that manages to endure the winter beast in the cycle of flourishing and floundering.


Harriet Clare {Richardson} was born in 1980 in Sydney, Australia.  She graduated with a BFA majoring in photo-media from College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in 2002.

Clare's photographs initially hint with fleeting wonder and melancholy at that which has just transpired.  Trained in photography, her eye tends towards the unobtrusive details that surround, framing them so as to proffer an alternative story or imbuing them with personality.  On closer attention, the viewer may also notice the emphasis of line and texture which are almost submerged by the figurative aspects of the work.

Clare's 'Wolpertinger' collages, as with her 'Woebegone' series,  look at re-shaping nature, both physically and developmentally.  The arrangement of images play off from one another through line, colour or subject to create an ambiguous fourth image or narrative.

Clare currently lives and works in Berlin.  http://www.harrietclare.com