Helen Pynor   and Peta Clancy,  The Body is a Big Place , 2011. Video production still, 5-channel video projection, heart perfusion device, single video screen, soundscape by Gail Priest. First exhibited at Performance Space, November 2011. Photo: Chris Hamilton.
 Daniel Crooks,  Static No.17 , 2005. Single-channel digital video, 16:9, colour.  Courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery
 Sally Smart,  The Exquisite Pirate Oceania , 2006. Synthetic polymer paint and ink on canvas and fabric with collage elements and pins,  dimensions  variable. Installation view, The Ian Potter Centre: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Image courtesy of the artist and the National Gallery of Victoria. Photo: Graham Baring.
 Ricky Swallow,  Killing Time , 2003 - 2004, Laminated jelutong, maple.  108 x 184 x 118 cm (irregular)  Purchased with funds provided by the Rudy Komon Memorial Fund and the Contemporary Collection Benefactors’ Program 2004. Art Gallery of New South Wales Collection © Ricky Swallow. Courtesy of Darren Knight Gallery,Sydney
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