Joanna Flynn

Jo Flynn, (b. 1959, Western Australia) is an artist-printmaker known to work in etching and aquatint. Flynn studied fine arts for ten years, culminating in a Masters degree in printmaking from Hobart University in 1990.

Her work is represented in collections at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Australia. She currently lives in Western Australia with her partner and son.

Reflecting on her residency Flynn writes;

For six quite remarkable months from late 1991 I was fortunate to be a resident of the Australia Council London Studio.

While there I went to Dublin to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College, as part of my interest in Celtic imagery. But the London location allows opportunities for so many other art excursions and so many fresh influences.

Perth is hot and relentlessly sunny so I loved the London winter cold, the fogs and the short, gloomy days. There was a blurring of the solid and the insubstantial. The fog distorts sound too.There was a blue kingfisher living in the bank of the canal outside the studio window.

There were also a lot of council flats.

In the news, Diana was an English goddess, Mr Major was P.M. and images of black oilfields, abandoned trucks and luminous green, night tracer footage of the Kuwait gulf war. I tried to put some of all this into my drawings.

Towards the end of my residency I did this watercolour of fairies hovering over the umbrellas of city workers as a goodbye picture. It shows a bit of the Canary Wharf, where the light rail runs, that I saw every evening on the bus ride back to the flat. It's got lots of my favorite things - evening, umbrellas, the city, sparkles of light on water and fairies. I never saw so many different crisp flavours. I still read The Guardian Weekly. What studios do, is allow a deep infection to set in: I've never quite shaken it. 

Jo Flynn, Perth 18th August 2012.