Marita Fraser | Nancy Milner - Ittenology

Exhibition dates: 22 January 2016 – 5th March 2016

Drawing on Itten’s treatise, The Elements of Colour, Rook & Raven bring together the works of Marita Fraser and Nancy Milner. Through sculpture, collage and paintings, these two artists explore Itten’s theories in their juxtaposition of colour and its perceptual contrasts.  Fraser’s work deploys a means of rehearsal within its making, hybrid forms of materials, modern draperies, displayed in variegated configurations. Materials are often seen in multiple manifestations, on consecutive occasions, reissued, reattributed and renegotiated.

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3 Branches of the Same Tree: Art, Science and Education

3 Branches of the Same Tree

3 Branches of the Same Tree brings together theories and concepts of science, art and education and looks at the perception of the world as viewed through the lenses of science and art. Within this project, science and art have been fused to reveal the forces that govern our world and the possible new ways science can be taught.

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