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(Wo)man With Mirror

(Wo)man With Mirror

Guy Sherwin diagram 1976 strip.

Guy Sherwin diagram 1976 strip.

Free Event: 18th June

7pm drinks, performance, panel discussion. - BOOK NOW

Apiary Studios

458 Hackney Rd,

London E2 9EG

Lucas Ihlein is the current Acme IRP Australian artist in resident in London.

Louise Curcham and Lucas Ihlein (Teaching and Learning Cinema, Australia) present a re-enactment of Guy Sherwin's expanded cinema work from 1976, (Wo)man with Mirror (2009).  

Re-enactment or re-staging? A product of an antipodean radical film bee, the re-imagining of this seminal work is a provocative forum.

Curham & Ihlein were aware of the idea that Sherwin could not carry on performing Man with Mirror forever. Motivated to 'carry on and extend the tradition' Curham & Ihlein considered documentation an unremarkable end, and instead designed a DIY brochure for recreating a new version of Man with Mirror that was historically inquisitive, experiential and incidentally unisex and utopian.

By nature of the work, Sherwin's Man with Mirror has become a dialogue about the passage of time as much as it is about the considerations of challenging the core aspects of the medium - space, film, frame, reflection. Curham's & Ihlein's 'doubled' re-enactment articulates contemporary concerns about representation and access to learning, and provokes questions of recontextualisation and abstracted historicism.

Followed by Curham & Ihlein in discussion with Dr Patti Gaal-Holmes & Dr Kim Knowles. With special guest Guy Sherwin.

Presented by UA & TLC. Supported by Apiary Studios.