Matthew Hunt: Dirty Pools

Matthew Hunt

Matthew Hunt


Exhibition dates: 29 August - 31 August 2014

1pm to 6pm Friday to Sunday

Private View: Friday 29 August, 6pm to 8pm

Acme Project Space 44 Bonner Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9JS


Bringing back to life, that what was

lost, erasing that what was barely

there, painting to remember,

painting to destroy.

Struck by the shadow of a plane


Dirty Pools is Matthew Hunt’s first solo exhibition in the UK. Coming at the end of hisAssociate Artist Residency as part of Acme Studios' International Residencies Programme, Hunt has produced a body of work that combines painting, photography and sculptural elements that explore the dynamics between subjective and cultural history. Delving into the past, using the process of painting as a conduit to remember personal and cultural histories, Dirty Pools collapses time and space.

This coalescing of the past and present creates a whole, and yet at the same time, a dislocation from both locations. The dirty streets of London do have a relationship with the algae and insect ridden swamps of Hunt's childhood in Australia. The metaphorical fear of the London sewer and the untested quicksand of North Lake become part of the same beast.

But it is also the re-found recorded moments from black and white photography that holds interest. These fragments are discarded and contextless – and we are forced to form a narrative from our own subjectivity.

Key to all this is a consideration of composition, both as an aesthetic exploration but also as a more indescribable, intuitive link between the form of the subject and the surrounding context.

Special thanks to Janet Holmes à Court & Copyright Agency Australia


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