Contemporary Gallipoli 2015

Meredith Brice, 2014-15,  The Broken Years,  Hessian, cotton thread, textile dye, 260 x 296 cm

Meredith Brice, 2014-15, The Broken Years, Hessian, cotton thread, textile dye, 260 x 296 cm


Macquarie University Art Gallery

Until 10 June

Macquarie University Art Gallery (Building E11A)

Eastern Road, Macquarie University

Sydney, Australia

Contemporary Gallipoli 2015 is an intercultural group exhibition exploring, interpreting and reflecting upon the Allied Gallipoli Campaign in Turkey within the context of marking the centenary. The exhibition takes into account both retrospective and contemporary perspectives reimagined, embedded within those histories and culture[s].

The exhibition utilises a transdisciplinary approach employing a range of collaborative and diverse mediums and artforms that supports transnational narratives within the context of contemporary responses. Through visual and aural narratives the exhibition builds bridges in reconnecting communities through a number of creative practices. These include painting, drawing, digital animation, printmaking, hand-built ceramic sculpture, assemblage, soundscapes, mixed media and textile installations. 

The multiplicity of viewpoints and narratives emergent within the context of "remembrance" surveyed within the exhibition, heightens our awareness to the integral role that artistic practices have upon remembrance and healing and how that plays out into the national physic.

The diverse art practices will collaboratively interact across the media forms from painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramic, installation to textile, photography, digital media, and music and artisan jewellery.